"Right, hearts are racing as news the Darren Criss and his skin tight jeans maybe a permanent fixture on Glee!

Sources are reporting that the adorable Darren is in talks with Fox execs to become a series regular for the show’s third season.

Considering how well-recieved he was last night, Ryan Murphy would be ridiculous to let this kid slip through his fingers!

More Blaine! More Blaine! More Blaine!

And if you are just like us and still haven’t gotten enough, go ahead and rewatch Darren croon and swoon his way through Teenage Dream again! (above)

Yay for Kurt’s new (future) boyfriend sticking around!”

Source: PerezHilton

Sooooooo, I reached 77 followers today and since I posted a video at 50, I thought I’d do the same when I hit 75! :)

I found this on vimeo when I was bored the other day. It has the always lovely Lauren Lopez in it as well as Nico Ager (Wanton Displays of Affection) and Mckean Rand Scheu (Margaret and Izzey).

The second part is here: http://www.vimeo.com/11277270

fuckyeahstarkidpotter asked:

Devin wasn't referring to your picture. She was referring to a post made by http://fuckyeahpommekoch.tumblr.com/ about Bonnie Gruesen.
So can i keep the picture up?

Ooohhhh, I gotcha. I see why Devin was mad then. And to quote Stephanie Tanner towards fuckyeahpommekoch, “How rude.”
And yeah sure, you can keep the picture up if you’d like.
Thanks for the information! :) 

thecountercurseisunjellify asked:

hi. :) i made the darren, glee thingy, and it's thecountercurseisunjellify, just like what it says on my blog. :) no need to edit it if you don't want to or anything, just wanted to tell you. :) i love this blog, idk how you guys manage to keep up the good work with these starkid blogs. :)

have a totally awesome day! :D

That’s what I thought it was because what I put didn’t make any sense lol but I couldn’t exactly read the tag clearly and I got it from a repost and that person didn’t know where they got it from so, yeah…. but I love the picture, you did a really good job on it! :)

And thanks for loving the blog! I’ve been slacking because of school and because I haven’t really had any ideas lately (if anyone has some, feel free to submit them and I’ll see if I can make them!) but thanks for sticking with me :D

Have a totally awesome day yourself!